Visitor Profile

Supported by the key Regional Organizations, the Ethiopian Government Concerned Ministries, the Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute, Concerned Non-Governmental Organizations and Key Private Stakeholders, Ethiopex will attract over 4,000 trade visitors and delegates representing

  • Academics,
  • Consultants and Researchers Animal Science professionals
  • Apiculture Professionals
  • Aquaculture Professionals
  • Consultants Financial Institutions and Investment bankers
  • Dealers and Distributers Delegates of Trade Associations
  • Diplomatic Community Farmers
  • Feed Millers Government Officials Investors & business owners
  • Professional Associations Leaders of non-profit organizations
  • Media Operators in the Hospitality Business
  • Policy Makers Processors Veterinarians

Why Visit

Professional people mostly realize exhibitions are the major platforms for business to business (B2B) relations, launching products, promotion of latest innovations and review of updated products and/or services

Never miss ALEC the major event if you are a professional or a business man working in the livestock sector in Africa. The event offers a huge networking opportunity to all visitors as a unique platform into the latest information on instrumentation, applications and techniques used in the livestock industry.

Discover the latest products and technologies

Network with International companies in the field

Improve awareness about the business in the sector

Review latest technology in the field

Create new business contact

Make a special deal with companies

Hold one to one meetings with exhibitors and place orders

Develop long term business relationships

Meet professionals in the same field

Exchange experience from the same field in your business

Access information about the sector development….etc


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