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Outlook for the global poultry industry bullish – Rabobank

According the latest report from Rabobank, demand for poultry is strong, with most countries open after adopting ‘living with Covid’ strategies. This is pushing up poultry demand, while global pressure on spending power and high food prices are also leading consumers toward the lowest-priced meat protein: poultry. The biggest challenge for the industry is on…

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Poultry industry can learn from COVID-19

Poultry industry can learn from COVID-19: Biosecurity is not sufficient to control avian coronaviruses like infectious bronchitis in commercial poultry, no matter how good it is, said Mark Jackwood, PhD, a molecular virologist and professor of avian medicine at the University of Georgia. “It takes a combination of vaccination as well as biosecurity in order…

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Key drivers found for environmental adaptation in Ethiopian chickens

Results of a new study strongly suggests that during evolution, the DNA of indigenous Ethiopian village chickens has changed to develop traits that can help the birds cope with the climatic challenges they face in their local environments. Researchers found six key environmental drivers for adaptation: one connected with temperature three connected to rainfall, which…

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IPPE: Big Dutchman launches Natura Nova True Aviary

Big Dutchman recently unveiled a new product at IPPE, the Natura Nova Barn, which is a layer system that focuses on welfare and efficiency for layers. The True Aviary Natura Nova Barn is for organic, free range and barn egg production and is designed with welfare in mind. The Natura Nova Barn is built around…

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The long-awaited and finally come true

Ethiopia’s leading animal husbandry international tradeshow enjoyed more than 3000 attendees, making all exhibitors satisfied with the result (quality and quantity of visitors). Collocating the 29th Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP) annual conference with the trade fair enabled researchers, Academia, and policymakers to meet in one platform with private sector stakeholders operating along the entire…

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