We attended this show because Ethiopia is a developing country with the 2nd biggest population in Africa, where meat and egg production has a big demand, which we can’t ignore.

Roland Deinz
Roland DeinzBig Dutchman

We participated in this exhibition because we wanted to widen our network in Ethiopia which we think will happen thanks to the contacts we found during the exhibition days. The organization of the exhibition was excellent which it always was even in previous sessions. It was also quite
professional & it contributed a lot to the widening of our partnership with Ethiopian stakeholders in the poultry industry.

Nikoletta FejkBablona Tetra

Prana events did a very good job organizing this event. In the past two years globally, there has been no physical connection with the customers because of covid, after that being able to do business face to face with customers is exciting.

Dr Demeke Wondemagegn
Dr Demeke WondemagegnTrouw Nutrition