ETHIOPEX Conference

The Poultry Forum is an important part of the Ethio Poultry Expo (Ethiopex) with
an extensive programme of lectures and paper presentations primarily targeting
farmers and professionals. It is an annual professional development Forum,
which is considered as a pacesetter in the area of technology and knowledge
transfer in the sector.
The Forum aims at assisting the sector with practical solutions to meet the
ever-increasing demand on poultry products due to the urbanization, population
growth and a shift in the policy on meat consumption in the country.
Every year local and international speakers present their findings for hundreds of
poultry professionals, farm managers, veterinarians and business owners that
attend the forum to reap the benefits of new developments in the industry and
know-how to provide a transition from research to practice


The overall objective of the conference is to make a platform as a pacesetter in
the area of poultry sector development in Ethiopia that address current
challenges and upcoming issues in the sector.

Specific objectives of the forum is

  • To spring out the challenges and prospects in the sector.
  • To provide inputs for policy makers on the focus that should be given for the sector
  • To enhance market oriented poultry production.
  • To expand best practices in poultry management.
  • To develop professionals expertise in latest technologies on commercial
  • To enhancing the role of marketing for the sector development