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Wise people mostly realize exhibitions are the major platforms for business to business (B2B) relations, launching products, promotion of latest innovations and review of updated products and/or services

Never Miss Ethiopex the major event if you are a professional or a business man working in the livestock sector in Africa. The event offers a huge networking opportunity to all visitors as a unique platform into the latest information on instrumentation, applications and techniques used in the livestock industry.

A visit to Ethiopex is a move towards lots of international, regional & local manufacturers and suppliers that offer relevant products and services. If you deserve to advance your career, this success oriented and prestigious livestock event will help you:

Visiting the exhibition will help you:

    • Discover the latest products and technologies
    • Network with International companies in the field
    • Improve awareness about the business in the sector
    • Review latest technology in the field
    • Create new business contact
    • Choose best suppliers
    • Make a special deal with companies
    • Hold one to one meetings with exhibitors and place orders
    • Develop long term business relationships
    • Meet professionals in the same field
    • Exchange experience from the same field in your business
    • Access information about the sector development....etc

Opening Time


 Thursday, October 29: 10:00am – 06:00pm
Friday, October 30:       10:00am – 06:00pm
Saturday, October 31:  10:00am – 04:00pm

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