Company Name Stand No. Country 
Abyssinia Export Abattoir PLC F.2.1 Ethiopia
Adama Dairy and Milk Processing PLC H.1.2 Ethiopia
Addis Alem Animal Feed Processing D.2.2 Ethiopia
Adelle Poultry Multiplication Center B.3.3 Ethiopia
AGP Poultry PLC L.1.4 Ethiopia
Agro-vet PLC H.1.3 Ethiopia
Alema Farms PLC D.3.1 Ethiopia
Alema Koudjis PLC E.3.1 Ethiopia
Alfoz PLC G.1.2 Ethiopia
Al-Impex A.1.5 Ethiopia
Al-Nujum Export Abattoir PLC F.2.4 Ethiopia
Amanuel Abera Livestock Export G.2.4 Ethiopia
Astunet Business Enterprise PLC G.1.1 Ethiopia
Awash Bank S.C. Ethiopia
Azu Dairy Farm Production Enterprise J.1.3 Ethiopia
Babolna TETRA Ltd. B.2.1 Hungary
Bejai Ethiopia Industrial and Engineering Solutions D.2.1 Ethiopia
BELAJ Technology PLC H.1.1 Ethiopia
Bio-tech PLC A.2.6 Ethiopia
Bora Integrated Agro-Industry C.3.1 Ethiopia
Brazmart International General Trading PLC E.2.3 Ethiopia
B-SAM Engineering E.2.1 Ethiopia
Commercial Poultry Growers from Amhara Region L.2.1 Ethiopia
Commercial Poultry Growers from Omomia Region L.2.2 Ethiopia
Commercial Poultry Growers from SNNP Region L.3.1 Ethiopia
Commercial Poultry Growers from Tigray Region L.3.2 Ethiopia
Cool Running International (CRI) B.3.1 USA
Coral C.2.1 Sudan
Eden Agri Seed Enterprie D.2.3 Ethiopia
EHY Trading PLC K.1.1 Ethiopia
Electromecce Engineering Service PLC E.1.1 Ethiopia
Elere Poultry Farm L.1.1 Ethiopia
ELFORA Agro-Industries PLC B.1 Ethiopia
Emebet and her Children Milk Processing Plant H.1.4 Ethiopia
Essential Drugs Ltd. A.1.6 Kenya
Ethio Feed PLC E.2.2 Ethiopia
Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI) H.3.1 Ethiopia
Ethiopian Meat Producers Exporters Association (EMPEA) F.2.3 Ethiopia
Ethiopian Poultry Producer Processors Association (EPPA) C.2.4 Ethiopia
Ethopian Livestock Exporters Association (ELEA) G.2.2 Ethiopia
Evonik Nutrition and Care Gmbh D.1.1 Germany
Feed the Future F.1.1 Ethiopia
Friendship Agro-Industry PLC E.2.4 Ethiopia
FW Agro Products Processing B.3.2 Ethiopia
Gasco Trading PLC J.2.1 Ethiopia
Gerado Poultry Farm C.2.3 Ethiopia
Golden Poultry Farm A.2.7 Ethiopia
Goma Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd. H.2.1 India
Google Trading PLC C.3.4 Ethiopia
Hage Farm A.2.5 Ethiopia
Hamad Mohamedzen Livestock Export F.1.4 Ethiopia
Hawasa Poultry Farm B.2.3 Ethiopia
Hawetu Veterinaryu Drugs and Equipment Importer A.1.1 Ethiopia
Hebie Hope HarmonyPharmaceutical Co., Ltd. A.1.2 China
Hendrix Genetics A.2.4 Netherlands
Jagdesh Agro Production PLC D.3.3 Ethiopia
Jigjiga Export Slauthering House (JESH) G.2.3 Ethiopia
Jos Hanssen Soehne (Ethiopia) Ltd. E.1.3 Ethiopia
Kombolcha Poultry Enterprise C.3.3 Ethiopia
Luna Export Abattoir PLC G.1.4 Ethiopia
Marel Poultry B.3.1 Netherlands
Markos PLC A.1.3 Ethiopia
MB Pvt. Ltd. Co J.1.1 Ethiopia
Ministry of Agriculture J.3.1 Ethiopia
Moretech Industrial PLC J.1.4 Ethiopia
National Veterinary Institute (NVI) A.2.1 Ethiopia
Naseba Animal Nutrition E.3.4 Ethiopia
Neway PLC C.3.2 Ethiopia
Ok Agro Industry PLC E.3.3 Ethiopia
Organic Export Abattoir PLC F.1.4 Ethiopia
Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies B.3.1 Netherlands
Puremix Trading D.1.3 Ethiopia
Rut and Hirut Dairy H.2.2 Ethiopia
Selam Hawassa Business Group PLC J.1.2 Ethiopia
Sinknesh Poultry Farm and Processing L.1.3 Ethiopia
SNV Netherlands Development Organization J.2.3 Ethiopia
Sperotto S.p.a B.3.1 Italy
Sumjohn Vet Medicine and Vacine A.1.4 Ethiopia
SW Poultry L.1.2 Ethiopia
Tenon Nejat Industrial Workshop D.2.4 Ethiopia
Tsige Poultry Farm F.3.4 Ethiopia
Veterinary Drug and Animal Feed Administration and Control Authority
A.2.2 Ethiopia
White leg horn Poultry Farm G.3.4 Ethiopia
Wiseteam PLC H.2.3 Ethiopia
XSYN Corporation B.3.1 USA
Yo Poultry A.2.8 Ethiopia
Zanotti Spa B.3.2 Italy