Exhibition Programme


  • Poultry Housing

Building materials and components

Prefabricated construction

  • Poultry farming and feeding technology

Housing installations for poultry

Feeding technology for poultry

  • Poultry Breeding and reproduction technology

Day Old Chicks, Parent Stocks, Layers, Broilers and Pullets

Reproduction technology, instruments, supplies and marketing

Incubation for poultry

  • Poultry care and health products

Poultry care products

Veterinary medicine products

  • Feed, farm inputs and feeding technology

Compound feed and other commercial feedstuffs

Feed and silage additives

Cleaning and disinfecting products

Water treatment additives

Poultry Bedding materials

Manure additives

  • Environment controlling Technology

Heating technology

Cooling Technology

  • Technology for manure

manure processing technology

manure storage and treatment

manure distribution

  • Transport vehicles and transport services


High-lift trucks



Thank trailers for feedstuff

Transport vehicles



  • Processing and packaging equipment’s and technology

Equipment and installations for slaughtering, cutting and processing of poultry

Supplies for poultry meat processing

Egg treatment and egg processing installations

Packaging machines

Packaging materials


Refrigeration installations, refrigerated transport

Machines for producing egg products

  • Equipment and accessories


Measuring and testing equipment


Hygiene, disinfection and cleaning equipment

Transport equipment

Machines and equipment for farm cleaning and land care

Working clothes, safety at work, accident prevention

  • Management and consulting services

Soft- and hardware for farm management, EDP

Quality assurance systems

Financial services

Insurance companies

Laboratory and testing services

Consulting services

  • Marketing Technology and Products

Shop fittings

Vending trailers

Price tagging material and implements

Meat trading companies

  • Academic institutions, research institutions and further education

Opening Time


 hursday, October 29: 10:00am – 06:00pm
Friday, October 30:       10:00am – 06:00pm
Saturday, October 31:  10:00am – 04:00pm

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