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Chicken production has a major role in the economy of developing countries and backyard production is particularly important to improve chicken production as a means to reduce poverty. Although Ethiopia has a huge resource of poultry, the country is not getting the required benefits from this sector due to poor productivity of local hens and cocks, undeveloped production system and high disease prevalence among many other reasons.

In Ethiopia traditional practices continue to dominate domestic poultry production, however, there has been a shift to commercial production with an increase in small and medium-scale producers that have been established to exploit the urban demand in the past 20-25 years.

Chickens are the most popular poultry species used for meat and egg production in Ethiopia. Chicken and chicken products provide a valuable source of protein and income for the families.

The trends in the consumption of poultry products are key indicator of opportunities for investment. The total chicken population in the country is estimated to be 59.5 million with indigenous breed representing 90.85%, hybrid chicken 4.76% and exotic breeds 4.39% (CSA, 2016/2017).

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